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Salsa Dance Classes in Nuremberg in the Hotel Cristal in Nuremberg: Address, Directions, Parking

The salsa dance classes in Nuremberg take place at Hotel Cristal in Nuremberg which is easily accessible by underground or by car.

Salsa Dance Classes Nuremberg - Address

The salsa dance classes in Nuremberg take place at Hotel Cristal (Willibaldstraße 5, 90491 Nürnberg / phone: 0911/951190) in the conference room on the top floor. For more information about salsa dance classes in Nuremberg and registration please contact Martin Jakubiak on phone 09131/973997 or via e-mail

Salsa Dance Classes Nuremberg - Directions: How to arrive to the hotel Cristal

By car you drive on the northeastern ring road (B4R) and turn away from the city into Äußere Bayreuth Street (B2). Then immediately turn right into Willibald Street. The Hotel Cristal is right at the beginning on the left.

From the A3 motorway exit number 85 Nürnberg Nord, drive along the Äußere Bayreuth Street (B2) about 4.5 km towards the city. After passing the "Mercado" shopping center 200 meters ahead shortly after the "Fränky" beverage market also on the left side you can already see a sign for the "Cristal". Since there is a sign prohibiting U-turns at the next intersection, turn to the left into Welser Street (B4R), after 200 meters at the underground station turn to the left into the Elbing Street and after 50 meters turn to the left again into the Willibald Street. The Hotel Cristal is almost at the end of the street on the right.

With the underground from Nuremberg Central Station, take the U2 towards the airport to the underground station Schoppershof. After getting off at the underground station Schoppershof go in the direction of the rails out of town on the Elbing Street uphill toward the north-east station and turn to the left at the first corner. The Willibald Street goes slightly downhill. The Hotel Cristal is at the other end of the short street on the right before the Äußere Bayreuth Street.

In the house: From the main entrance of the Hotel Cristal in Nuremberg walk a few stair steps up opposite the reception. Then you can already see the elevator at the end of the corridor. So you go with it right to the top. There you can see the glass door to the conference room again at the end of the corridor, which is above the reception.

Salsa Dance Classes Nuremberg - Parking

When you come to the salsa dance classes in Nuremberg, in the residential area of the Hotel Cristal in Nuremberg there is plenty of free parking on the street.

Salsa Dance Classes Nuremberg - Map

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